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ABOUT ASIAPETALS.COM (a World Petals Companies)

Asiapetals.com is about to spread your love & happiness for you. When words are not enough, say it best with flowers. A gorgeously arranged flowers can immediately brightens the someone and entire place. At the heart of Asiapetals are elements that have been and continue to be integral to our growth as purveyors of fine florals. The very finest flowers from select regions and growers; breathtaking floral compositions; elegant packaging and personalized service all come together to ensure that every experience at Asiapetals is a moment to treasure.

Asiapetals.com started its operation since year 2000. We connected with the best of the local florists in all the major cities within Asia Countries to give the best service to our customers. At Asiapetals.com, we carry wide range of flowers and we offer you wide selections flowers arrangement. Besides flowers, we provide you wide choice of gifts as to add value to your loved ones. With this concept, we enable you to save time and cost. As for our flowers, we give you the freshest flowers that are bought daily basis from our local / oversea growers & wholesalers and arrange it in a superb arrangement that reflect your sense of romance, memorable and good taste. Our dedicated team have the artistic sensitivity and professional expertise to create breathtaking, beautiful arrangements for every occasion, every season to ensure your unimaginale satisfaction you deserve from us. We are paying attention to what you need and want so that the faces of your loves ones through thoughtfulness and comforts who receive valuable gifts of charm. We give special attention in selecting the types of flowers and then artfully arrange them to form a "masterpiece" of art. Each arrangement is a unique creation to express your care, sense of good taste and your thoughtfulness in all occasions. We always keep our prices low and affordable which set us apart from our competitors. We are committed to customer satisfaction by continuous improvement and stay focus on our flowers quality thru stringent quality control.
We serve every customers orders with dedicate attention and ensure our customers that their loved ones and friends will receive high quality of products and services. We want to bring you & your love ones a beautiful surprises every time!

We are glad and thankful to receive your support and encouragement. Enjoy your shopping with us!

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